2009 May

Free Poser Animated Pose — M4 Superhero “Stop Villain”

We’re here to show off a pose from our new Superhero Moves pack. The move allows M4 to assume a “hands on hips” pose that shows that our hero will tolerate no nonsense from the villain. This is an animated, motion-captured pose file for Daz3D’s Michael 4 figure and can be applied to him with a couple of clicks inside either Poser or Daz|Studio.

Click on the image to the left to start your download.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Demo Trailer

We’ve added the demo trailer for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to show off all the moves that are available in the motion capture pack. Each of these poses can be easily applied in Poser and Daz|Studio and are currently available for Daz’s M3 and M4 figures, as well as V3 and V4.2 figures.


Demo Video for Salutes Pack

We are in the process of creating/updating demo videos showing all of the moves that we have available for sale. Here’s the first one, showcasing our new Salutes pack: