2009 June

New Demo Video for Zombie Moves 1

We’ve taken the time to update the demo video for our Zombie Moves Pack Volume 1 to bring it in line with the demo videos for our other motion-captured animated pose packs for Poser and Daz|Studio. Many of you have already seen the Mummy Walks video that we have in our Gallery Page, which really shows off what can be done with Poser and our Moves Packs. Our present video shows the motion-captured animations in their simplest form–applied to Daz3D’s Michael 4. Enjoy!


Free Move V4 Blow Kiss

We’re here to show off a pose from our growing collection of Everyday Moves. The move allows V4 to blow a kiss to someone she admires. This is an animated, motion-captured pose file for Daz3D’s Victoria 4.2 figure and can be applied to her with a couple of clicks inside either Poser or Daz|Studio.

Click on the image to the left to start your download.