Update for the Posermocap Swordplay Construction Kit Volume 1

Here is a look at one of the animations that will be featured in the upcoming Posermocap Swordplay Construction Kit Volume 1.

The Swordplay Construction Kit will allow you to take your M4, V4, and even Genesis characters and create your own motion-captured swordfight with sword and shield. The pack has been a long time in development, but we want to make sure that it’s as close to perfect before we release it. As you can see from the above video, we have managed to get M4 and V4 working together in the swordfight, but we do want to do a bit of tweaking.

We will also be converting the poses to Aniblocks, which will allow you the ultimate functionality inside Daz|Studio for making your own action movies. We will be posting more videos on this and other packs as we get closer to the ultimate release dates.

Keep checking back to see updates on the status of this and other packs from Posermocap.

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