2012 July

Sci Fi Moves Volume 3 For Daz3d M4 V4

Compatible Figures

  • Michael 4 & Related
  • Victoria 4 & Related

Compatible Software

  • Poser
  • DAZ Studio

Included In This Moves Pack

  • Animated Poses for M4 and V4 (.PZ2)
    • Bridge Hit Sitting A 1
    • Bridge Hit Sitting A 2
    • Bridge Hit Sitting B 1
    • Bridge Hit Sitting B 2
    • Bridge Hit Sitting C 1
    • Bridge Hit Sitting C 2
    • Bridge Hit Sitting D 1
    • Bridge Hit Sitting D 2
    • Energize 1
    • Energize 2
    • Engage 1
    • Engage 2
    • Medical Scanner 1
    • Medical Scanner 2
    • Portable Scanner 1
    • Portable Scanner 2
    • Traditional Scanner 1
    • Traditional Scanner 2
    • Wormhole Dial Home 1
    • Wormhole Dial Home 2
  • BVH files of motions included

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Sci Fi Moves Volume 3 contains even more motion-captured animated poses for your science fiction film. These poses feature some of the more classic Sci-Fi poses that allow you to take your starship crew exploring the farthest star and beyond.

The four Bridge Hit Seated poses are timed to match the Bridge Hit Standing poses in our Sci Fi Moves Volume 1 set, letting you have a fully populated starship command deck when the ship gets blasted by an enemy spacecraft. Other poses allow you to Energize transporters, or to operate handheld scanners on distant planets. And there are even more poses included.

Each pose is fully optimized for M4 and V4 so that you can just apply the PZ2 file with a couple of clicks and start animating. Mirrored poses are also included.

This Move Pack includes:

  • Bridge Hit Sitting A
  • Bridge Hit Sitting B
  • Bridge Hit Sitting C
  • Bridge Hit Sitting D
  • Energize
  • Engage
  • Medical Scanner
  • Portable Scanner
  • Traditional Scanner
  • Wormhole Dial Home

Each Move in the Move Pack is an Animated Pose (PZ2) file that works native in Poser and DAZ Studio. Also included are BVH files for the moves, allowing the moves to be used in any application that reads and imports BVH motion capture files. Mirrored versions of each pose are also included. Props and hand poses are not included.

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