2012 August

Posermocap Swordplay Demo – Rearranging the Swordplay Motion Captures

We’re happy to show off the latest video of our upcoming Swordplay Construction Kit motion-capture pack in action. We have been very busy making sure that each animation will seamlessly blend to animations before and after it, and we thought you might like to see an example.

Each pose can be applied, arranged, and re-arranged as you wish to create a swordfight that suits your purposes. If you’re using the Aniblocks we will be including in Swordplay for Daz3d’s Studio, then it becomes a matter of dragging and dropping the aniblocks you want into GoFigure’s Animate timeline. You can create entire custom swordfights in minutes.

Currently, we have M4 and V4 complete and interacting well with each other — you can see an example in the video above. We are working on Genesis and getting it to play nicely with M4 and V4–this way, you can mix and match the fight between all three of the main characters offered by Daz3d.com.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.