2013 June

Investigations 3 for Daz3d M4 V4 & Genesis

Compatible Figures

  • Michael 4 & Related
  • Victoria 4 & Related
  • Genesis & Related

Compatible Software

  • Poser
  • DAZ Studio

Included In This Moves Pack

  • Animated Pose Files (.pz2) for M4, V4.2, and Genesis
    • And Stay Dead Pistol 1
    • And Stay Dead Pistol 2
    • Burn The Bones 1
    • Burn The Bones 2
    • Cautious Advance Pistol Flashlight 1
    • Cautious Advance Pistol Flashlight 2
    • Cautious Advance Rifle 1
    • Cautious Advance Rifle 2
    • Spin To Noise Pistol Flashlight 1
    • Spin To Noise Pistol Flashlight 2
    • Spin To Noise Rifle 1
    • Spin To Noise Rifle 2
    • Stumble Backwards 1
    • Stumble Backwards 2
    • Wall of Flame 1
    • Wall of Flame 2
  • Aniblocks Version of all of the above Animated Pose Files.

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Take back the night with the latest Investigations pose pack for Michael 4, Victoria 4, and now Genesis! This pack is ideal for monster-hunters, spies, cops and robbers. The eight poses included allow you to animate your own horror movie in DAZ Studio, Poser, or any animation software that can import BVH files.

Each of the eight poses also includes a mirrored version, giving you 48 animations in total. And as with all Posermocap files, the animations are optimized for each figure, meaning they work right out of the box and can be applied in just a couple of clicks.

Check the following video for animated versions of the poses in action:

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