2013 September

Two New Products! – Zombie Moves Genesis and Spy Moves Genesis

We have been busy at Posermocap.com, working on refining and creating motion captured animations for not one, but two separate products! We are very pleased to announce Zombie Moves Genesis and Spy Moves Genesis. These packs are designed strictly for use with the new Genesis and Genesis 2 figures from DAZ3d and each pack will provide mocap in Aniblock, PZ2, and BVH formats, allowing you to use the motion captures in a variety of programs.

Zombie Moves Genesis

The ultimate zombie motion capture pack takes the proven quality of Zombie Moves 1 and Zombie Moves 2 and optimizes them specifically for Genesis and Genesis 2. Each of the eighteen mocap files also comes with a mirrored copy. Also, if you use GoFigure’s Animate plugin for DAZ|Studio, you will find that many of the animated walks will loop and blend together.

We also added in a number of other animations, such as transition mocaps between arms up and arms down – allowing you to blend between the classic walks and the “shuffle-sway” walk. And, to make the zombie-hunters happy, we also included some “head shot” mocaps which will allow you to make sure the zombies stay dead.

Spy Moves Genesis

Not content to leave well enough alone with the Zombie Moves Genesis pack, we decided that we just had to convert our best-selling Spy Moves pack over to Genesis and Genesis 2. All of the motion-captures in the classic pack are there and we added a whole bunch of new ones that will really allow you to amp up the energy in your animations.There are sixteen motion captures as well as mirrored versions. Like the Zombie Moves Genesis pack, the Spy Moves Genesis motion-capture pack comes in Aniblock, PZ2, and BVH formats. We’ve also reworked a number of the motion-captures so that looping and blending between select mocaps is possible.

These are coming very soon. Keep checking back here for news!