2014 September

Sci Fi Moves Genesis Volume 1 – Coming Soon

We’re continuing to convert our older M4/V4-only pose packs to the newer DAZ Genesis/Genesis 2 Female/Genesis 2 Male figures. The latest pack to get the treatment is the Sci-Fi Moves Genesis – Volume 1. Check out the trailer showing all the motion captures here:

Sci Fi Genesis is our remastering of the original Sci Fi Moves, bringing the action to the Genesis range of characters. But we’ve gone above and beyond just a simple remaster; we’ve provided brand new poses to introduce into your science fiction epic!

This pack comes with 16 different motion captured animations, all of which have been optimised for Genesis, Genesis 2 Female and Genesis 2 Male characters so they can be applied with just a couple of clicks into your own animate scene.

We have also provided each animation in these formats:

  • aniBlock
  • .PZ2
  • .BVH and
  • .DUF format especially for DAZ Studio.

We’ve also included 90 still poses for each character, so still artists can use the product as well.

Among the motion captures:

  • Blaster Boom
  • Blaster Crouch
  • Blaster Heating
  • Blaster Standing
  • Bridge Hit Standing A
  • Bridge Hit Standing B
  • Bridge Hit Standing C
  • Broken Comm Headpiece
  • Console Explosion A
  • Console Operation Standing
  • Console Operation Standing Panicked
  • Taser Shock Long
  • TK Choke Dark Lord
  • TK Choke Minion A
  • TK Choke Minion B
  • Use Wrist Computer

Coming Soon!