2015 March

Sci Fi Genesis Vol 2 for Daz3D Genesis and Genesis 2 Male & Female

Sci Fi Genesis Vol 2 Product Main

Compatible Figures

  • Genesis & Related
  • Genesis 2 Female & Related
  • Genesis 2 Male & Related

Compatible Software

  • Poser
  • DAZ Studio

Included In This Moves Pack

  • Animated Pose Files (.pz2/.duf) for Genesis and Genesis 2
    • Airlock Shunt
    • Blaster Rifle Boom
    • Blaster Rifle Breach Wall
    • Blaster Rifle Crouch
    • Blaster Rifle Heating
    • Blaster Rifle Standing
    • Chest Comm Badge
    • Comm Flip Walking
    • Console Explosion B
    • Engineer Cutting 1 Hand
    • Engineer Welding High Loop
    • Force Open 1 Door
    • Force Open 2 Doors
    • Forcefield Touch A
    • Forcefield Touch B
    • Rifle Crouchwalk Loop
    • Rifle Crouchwalk Sweep Loop
  • Aniblocks Version of all of the above Animated Pose Files.
  • BVH Version of all of the above Animated Pose Files.
  • Mirrored Versions of all files included.
  • Also includes 100 Still Poses per character in .pz2/.duf Format for:
    • Genesis
    • Genesis 2 Male
    • Genesis 2 Female

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Sci Fi Genesis: Volume 2 continues our remastering of the original Sci Fi Moves, delving deeper into the action with the Genesis range of characters. And like the earlier Sci Fi Genesis pack, this is more than just a remaster; there are brand new poses to enhance your sci fi epic with!

This pack comes with 17 different motion-captured animations, all optimized for Genesis, Genesis 2 Female, and Genesis 2 Male characters and provided in multiple formats:

  • aniBlock
  • .PZ2
  • .DUF
  • .BVH

Special Feature: Chaining and Looping Animations

The Console Explosion B pose chains with the Console Operation poses from Sci Fi Genesis: Vol 1. The Rifle Crouchwalk Loop and Rifle Crouchwalk Sweep Loop chain with themselves and with each other. The Engineer Welding High Loop loops with itself.

Special Feature: Still Poses

Find included over 100 still poses for each of Genesis, Genesis 2 Female, and Genesis 2 Male. That’s 300 poses to add to your still render toolkit! All poses are in both .PZ2 format and .DUF format and can be applied with a click. The hands remained unposed to all you the choice of grasping objects.

Check the following video for animated versions of the poses in action:

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