About PoserMocap.com

Posermocap is a part of Motion Digital Media Group Inc., a media development company based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Posermocap was established to allow animators to make use of the tremendous potential of the Daz characters for Poser and Daz Studio by providing professional, optimized motion capture libraries specifically for those characters. We supply both prepackaged, high-quality motion capture libraries for Daz3d’s M4, V4, and Genesis characters and also provide custom motion capture services for independent animation, media, and game development studios. We have been providing motion capture data and services since 2008.

We make sure that every motion that we release is properly formatted and optimized for the target character so that the end user spends less time tweaking and adjusting and more time animating. We want to make character animation as easy as a single click to apply realistic, lifelike motion to computer generated characters.

Check out our selection of Moves Packs in our Product Gallery now and start putting your imagination in motion.