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True Crimes: The Shooting Mocap Pack Coming Soon!

We’ve just finished putting together the work on a new motion-capture pack of animations for you. True Crimes: The Shooting is the first in a series of complete mocap scenes that you can add to your animated projects using DAZ|Studio’s Genesis, G2M, or G2F characters.

One of the big challenges that we have faced as animators – and we’re pretty sure that you’ve faced it too – is that it’s tough to come up with complete scenes from existing motion capture data. You are either faced with keyframing data, trying to make existing mocap fit, or investing in your own capture system. It’s a challenge any way you look at it.

So, we want to make things easier. We want to see more people doing animations and one of the tools that we’re going to provide to help you do more animated films is complete mocap scenes. Each self-contained scene will have multiple characters all interacting, giving you plenty of opportunities to shoot the scene the way you want. You can either animate the scenes as a single take, or, if you want to get more sophisticated, you can set up multiple cameras and animate the scene with multiple cuts and angles.

In this short scene, a gunman confronts a snitch. We’ve even given you the choice of two endings – one where things don’t end well for the snitch, and one where things don’t end well for either of the two characters. As always, we provide data in aniBlock, PZ2, and BVH format – and we’ve also added in dozens of still poses for the still artists out there!

We’ve picked the theme of True Crimes for our first set of mocap scenes, which will allow us to provide lots of motion capture of thrilling action – just the kind of mocap we love doing. Look at the rest of our catalog if you want proof! Expect lots of Film-noir style action from this and upcoming packs. But remember that you can go way beyond the film-noir genre. True Crimes: The Shooting can be used in almost any setting – film noir, thriller, pulp, superhero, science fiction and even westerns!

Look for True Crimes: The Shooting to be available soon, and look for more in the True Crimes series in the coming months!

Posermocap, Daz|Studio, and Octane Muzzle Flash Effects video

We decided to put together a short animated clip showing the workflow of animating in Daz|Studio and rendering through OTOY’s Octane Render plugin. We used our own mocap files and Daz3d’s Genesis figure to create the following animated clip. Octane produces some very attractive images at amazing speed. Bringing Octane into the workflow required a few small tweaks to how we did things, but things worked very well when we did the finishing in Adobe After Effects. Have a look below:

Here are some observations about the process:

1. Octane fits very easily into the production workflow, although as an unbiased renderer, it gives more of a temptation to do everything “in camera” as opposed to rendering in layers and bringing it all together in compositing software.

2. It does take some pre-planning, but rendering out illumination from each light source separately gives a lot more flexibility in applying effects. The primary illumination was done using an HDR image. Illumination for the muzzle flash was done by first creating a muzzle flash prop as an OBJ file and parenting that to the rifle’s muzzle. Then, this was turned into a light emitter and the frames where the shot happens were rendered out with the emitter opacity set to zero. This gave the illumination without the emitter being visible in the scene. By rendering out only those frames where a gunshot occurs and compositing those with the main footage in After Effects, I was able to create the “flash” without burning any more render time than needed.

3. Any motion blur was done in After Effects using the Re-Vision FX Reelsmart Motion Blur plugin. No suprises – it does play nicely with Octane footage.

Here’s the assets that were used in the shot:

Michael 5 – We used Genesis with the Michael 5 morph to create the figure. The face was custom generated in Facegen.

Cody Hair for M6 – This is a Fibermesh hair that worked very well with custom Octane hair shaders to give a very realistic look under Octane’s Pathtracing kernel. It took a little bit of adjustment to get it to fit with Genesis, but once in place, it was just fine.

Unshaven Beard for Genesis – Again, a Fibermesh hair product that adjusted well to the custom facial morph and took the octane hair shaders as well.

War Dog for Genesis – The War Dog outfit by Luthbel is a great set of clothing for military and paramilitary characters. The straps and other accessories were turned off, and the pants had a custom color map created.

ICE Pack Three – We grabbed the rifle and eyewear from this set of military accessories for M4. This is an outstanding set that can give your figures some great-looking modern military gear.

Car Ranger – The vehicle Genesis uses for cover in this shot is the Car Ranger. A great-looking modern SUV. Octane also comes with custom car paint shaders that you can drag and drop onto the prop to get that perfect new car look right out of the box.

Behind the Neighborhood – Daz Studio artist DzFire did an amazing job on this environment. The brick buildings combine to give a dirty and grungy feel of a decaying urban alleyway –  the perfect place for a shootout.


Everyday Moves for Genesis, G2F, and G2M Coming Soon!

Hey, we wanted to give you an update on our latest motion capture pack. We just put the finishing touches on Everyday Moves. Now, normally we really like to do a lot of action and adventure mocap, but this time we wanted to put together a collection of motion captured animations for Genesis, Genesis 2 Male, and Genesis 2 Female that takes us right into everyday actions.

Take a look at the preview video below:

We’ve included animations for pacing, using cell phones, even trash talking. These can be used for short, quick animations, or they make the perfect starting point if you’re just getting into animation with DAZ|Studio. As always, these are going to be available in aniBlock, PZ2, and .BVH format. And, as you come to expect from the animations that we offer, these are going to be optimized right out of the box for the latest DAZ3D figures.

We’ll let you know the instant these are actually available for sale, so keep checking back. As the saying goes, your patience will be rewarded.

Spy Moves Genesis For Daz3D Genesis, Genesis 2, and Genesis 3


Compatible Figures

  • Genesis & Related
  • Genesis 2 Male & Related
  • Genesis 2 Female & Related
  • Genesis 3 Male & Related
  • Genesis 3 Female & Related

Compatible Software

  • Poser
  • DAZ Studio

Included In This Moves Pack

  • Animated Pose Files (.pz2) for Genesis and Genesis 2
    • Advancing Pistol Fire
    • Duck Behind Corner
    • Fire And Advance
    • Grenade Toss
    • Pistol Cocking
    • Pistol Crabwalk Circular
    • Pistol Crabwalk Straight
    • Pistol Through Door
    • Spy Scene – Guard 1
    • Spy Scene – Guard 2
    • Spy Scene – Shooter
    • Tied in Chair
    • Two Gun Mojo
    • Villainous Laugh
    • Villainous Laugh The Fools
    • Walk Away Detonator
    • Walk Turn Shoot
  • Aniblocks Version of all of the above Animated Pose Files.
  • BVH Version of all of the above Animated Pose Files.
  • Mirrored Versions of all files included.

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We’ve converted our best-selling Spy Moves motion capture pack over to DAZ 3D’s Genesis, Genesis 2, and Genesis 3 figures, and added in a lot more mocap animations. Now your Genesis, Genesis 2, and Genesis 3 figure can play a leading role in your own spy-driven action film.

This pack comes with 17 different motion-captured animations, all of which have been optimized for the Genesis/Genesis 2 Female(s) characters so they can be applied with just a couple of clicks into your own animated scene.

Special features include looping and chained animations, as well as a complete three-character scene. Aniblocks of Advancing Pistol Fire, Fire and Advance, both Pistol Crabwalks and Tied in Chair will loop. Pistol Cocking will chain with Advancing Pistol Fire.

But the highlight is the three-character scene where you can have your characters in a shootout with guards. The actions of all characters are synchronized so that users will have perfect timing right away.

Get your Spy Movie started. Get Spy Moves Genesis!

Check the following video for animated versions of the poses in action:

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Zombie Moves Genesis for Daz3D Genesis and Genesis 2


Compatible Figures

  • Genesis & Related
  • Genesis 2 & Related

Compatible Software

  • Poser
  • DAZ Studio

Included In This Moves Pack

  • Animated Pose Files (.pz2) for Genesis and Genesis 2
    • Zombie Backhand Swing
    • Zombie Classic Walk
    • Zombie Classic Walk A
    • Zombie Classic Walk B
    • Zombie Classic Walk C
    • Zombie Forehand Swing
    • Zombie Head Hit Stagger
    • Zombie Headshot Arms Down
    • Zombie Headshot Arms Up
    • Zombie Hit By Gunshot
    • Zombie Hit by Shotgun
    • Zombie Paw At Window
    • Zombie React To Noise
    • Zombie Shuffle Drag Foot
    • Zombie Shuffle Sway
    • Zombie Stand In Place
    • Zombie Transition To Arms Down
    • Zombie Transition To Arms Up
    • Mirrored Mocap animations for each.
  • Aniblocks Version of all of the above Animated Pose Files.
  • BVH Version of all of the above Animated Pose Files.
  • Mirrored Versions of all files included.

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Release your inner Zombie! We have taken the best-selling Zombie Moves motion-capture packs and converted them over to Genesis and Genesis 2. But we’ve gone far beyond simply retargeting the mocap data. We have tweaked the animations to allow you to loop them and chain them together. We have built a mocap construction kit allowing you to create a massive number of unique zombie animations.

This pack comes with 18 different motion-captured animations, all of which have been optimized for the Genesis/Genesis 2 characters so they can be applied with just a couple of clicks into your own animated scene. We have also provided each animation in aniblock, .PZ2, and .BVH formats, giving you a wide range of options to use them:

Special features include looping and chained animations.

All of the walking motions will loop with themselves and all four of the Classic Walks will chain together. The Head Hit Stagger, React to Noise, Transition to Arms Down, and Transition to Arms Up will allow you to blend between the Classic Walks and the Shuffle Sway mocap. Headshot Arms Down, Hit by Gunshot, and Hit by Shotgun will chain with the Classic Walk poses while the Headshot Arms Up will chain with the Shuffle Sway. Stand in Place will loop.

Unleash the Horde! Start your Zombie Apocalypse today!

Check the following video for animated versions of the poses in action:

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Two New Products! – Zombie Moves Genesis and Spy Moves Genesis

We have been busy at Posermocap.com, working on refining and creating motion captured animations for not one, but two separate products! We are very pleased to announce Zombie Moves Genesis and Spy Moves Genesis. These packs are designed strictly for use with the new Genesis and Genesis 2 figures from DAZ3d and each pack will provide mocap in Aniblock, PZ2, and BVH formats, allowing you to use the motion captures in a variety of programs.

Zombie Moves Genesis

The ultimate zombie motion capture pack takes the proven quality of Zombie Moves 1 and Zombie Moves 2 and optimizes them specifically for Genesis and Genesis 2. Each of the eighteen mocap files also comes with a mirrored copy. Also, if you use GoFigure’s Animate plugin for DAZ|Studio, you will find that many of the animated walks will loop and blend together.

We also added in a number of other animations, such as transition mocaps between arms up and arms down – allowing you to blend between the classic walks and the “shuffle-sway” walk. And, to make the zombie-hunters happy, we also included some “head shot” mocaps which will allow you to make sure the zombies stay dead.

Spy Moves Genesis

Not content to leave well enough alone with the Zombie Moves Genesis pack, we decided that we just had to convert our best-selling Spy Moves pack over to Genesis and Genesis 2. All of the motion-captures in the classic pack are there and we added a whole bunch of new ones that will really allow you to amp up the energy in your animations.There are sixteen motion captures as well as mirrored versions. Like the Zombie Moves Genesis pack, the Spy Moves Genesis motion-capture pack comes in Aniblock, PZ2, and BVH formats. We’ve also reworked a number of the motion-captures so that looping and blending between select mocaps is possible.

These are coming very soon. Keep checking back here for news!

Investigations 3 for Daz3d M4 V4 & Genesis

Compatible Figures

  • Michael 4 & Related
  • Victoria 4 & Related
  • Genesis & Related

Compatible Software

  • Poser
  • DAZ Studio

Included In This Moves Pack

  • Animated Pose Files (.pz2) for M4, V4.2, and Genesis
    • And Stay Dead Pistol 1
    • And Stay Dead Pistol 2
    • Burn The Bones 1
    • Burn The Bones 2
    • Cautious Advance Pistol Flashlight 1
    • Cautious Advance Pistol Flashlight 2
    • Cautious Advance Rifle 1
    • Cautious Advance Rifle 2
    • Spin To Noise Pistol Flashlight 1
    • Spin To Noise Pistol Flashlight 2
    • Spin To Noise Rifle 1
    • Spin To Noise Rifle 2
    • Stumble Backwards 1
    • Stumble Backwards 2
    • Wall of Flame 1
    • Wall of Flame 2
  • Aniblocks Version of all of the above Animated Pose Files.

Click Here to Buy at Daz3D

Take back the night with the latest Investigations pose pack for Michael 4, Victoria 4, and now Genesis! This pack is ideal for monster-hunters, spies, cops and robbers. The eight poses included allow you to animate your own horror movie in DAZ Studio, Poser, or any animation software that can import BVH files.

Each of the eight poses also includes a mirrored version, giving you 48 animations in total. And as with all Posermocap files, the animations are optimized for each figure, meaning they work right out of the box and can be applied in just a couple of clicks.

Check the following video for animated versions of the poses in action:

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Investigations 3 is Coming Soon

Investigations 3 is Coming Soon. The latest motion capture package from Posermocap has aniblocks and motion capture files for Daz3D’s M4, V4, and Genesis figures. Explore darker mysteries with your characters in your own horror, suspense, or science-fiction animations. Each motion capture file is optimized to work right out of the box for each of these three popular figures, and is available in BVH, PZ2, and Aniblock format.

Here’s a quick look at the motion captures included:

We’re just putting the finishing touches on the pack. Keep watching this site, and we will let you know when our latest release is available for purchase!

Posermocap Swordplay Demo – Rearranging the Swordplay Motion Captures

We’re happy to show off the latest video of our upcoming Swordplay Construction Kit motion-capture pack in action. We have been very busy making sure that each animation will seamlessly blend to animations before and after it, and we thought you might like to see an example.

Each pose can be applied, arranged, and re-arranged as you wish to create a swordfight that suits your purposes. If you’re using the Aniblocks we will be including in Swordplay for Daz3d’s Studio, then it becomes a matter of dragging and dropping the aniblocks you want into GoFigure’s Animate timeline. You can create entire custom swordfights in minutes.

Currently, we have M4 and V4 complete and interacting well with each other — you can see an example in the video above. We are working on Genesis and getting it to play nicely with M4 and V4–this way, you can mix and match the fight between all three of the main characters offered by Daz3d.com.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.


New Posermocap Swordplay Construction Kit Demo Video

We’re pleased to show off a new video of the  Posermocap Swordplay Construction Kit Volume 1 that we are developing. This shows the potential of the kit when combined with Daz|Studio or Poser to blend together multiple motion-captured animations into a single seamless swordfight right within those applications.

And we are creating it so that you can pair up M4, V4, or Genesis in any combination of duelists you would like.

We decided it would be fun to have M4 facing off against a skeleton warrior – that’s the Daz3d M4 Skeleton in the video and he uses the base M4 motions.

We will keep you posted on future updates of the kit as we get closer to release.