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Swordplay Volume One is now available at Daz3d.com

Compatible Figures

  • Michael 4 & Related
  • Victoria 4 & Related
  • Genesis & Related

Compatible Software

  • Poser
  • DAZ Studio

Included In This Moves Pack

  • Animated Pose Files (.pz2) for M4, V4.2, and Genesis
    • Back Attack And Block Attacker 1 & 2
    • Back Attack And Block Defender 1 & 2
    • Circle 180 Attacker 1 & 2
    • Circle 180 Defender 1 & 2
    • Circle 180 Attacker 1 R & 2 R
    • Circle 180 Defender 1 R & 2 R
    • Circle 90 Attacker 1 & 2
    • Circle 90 Defender 1 & 2
    • Circle 90 Attacker 1 R & 2 R
    • Circle 90 Defender 1 R & 2 R
    • Circle High Low Exchange Attacker 1 & 2
    • Circle High Low Exchange Defender 1 & 2
    • Free Exchange Attacker 1 & 2
    • Free Exchange Defender 1 & 2
    • High Attack And Block Attacker 1 & 2
    • High Attack And Block Defender 1 & 2
    • Mid Attack And Block Attacker 1 & 2
    • Mid Attack And Block Defender 1 & 2
    • Shield Rush Attacker 1 & 2
    • Shield Rush Defender 1 & 2
    • Weapon Strike Counter Attacker 1 & 2
    • Weapon Strike Counter Defender 1 & 2
  • Aniblocks Version of all of the above Animated Pose Files.
    Aniblock files include embedded hand poses.
  • Hand Pose Files for Right and Left Hands for M4, V4.2, and
    • Sword Hand
    • Shield Hand
  • Props
    • Sword Smart Prop for M4, V4.2, and Genesis
    • Shield Smart Prop for M4, V4.2, and Genesis
    • 3 Mat Poses for Shield Prop

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Now, you can create your own swashbuckling sword fight! Posermocap’s motion-captured Swordplay is a construction kit that allows you to build your very own swordfight between Michael 4, Victoria 4.2, and GENESIS.

Here’s a video showing M4 and V4 fighting:

Here’s a fight between M4 and M4 skeleton showing how the poses can be combined:

And finally, here’s a video showing how poses can be combined—and then recombined to make completely different swordfights:

Each animated pose has been designed to blend with all the others, giving countless swordplay variations between two fighters armed with sword and shield. Even better, each pose has been optimized for the characters and all three characters can be paired off to fight against each other. Have M4 fight M4 – or even V4 or Genesis. Pit V4 versus V4, or even M4 or Genesis. And Genesis can sling swords against Genesis, or M4 or V4. Nine different character combinations.

Daz Studio users get the added benefit, because each animated pose file has been duplicated into an Aniblock which allows you to drag and drop Aniblocks to build your swordplay and then rearrange it until you have it just the way you like it. Swordplay by Posermocap leverages the power of goFigure’s Animate plugin for Daz3d to make creating the swordfight simple and easy.

There are eleven different motion sets included for Attacker and Defender, and each of these includes mirrored poses so that you have have your characters fight right-handed or left-handed. Those eleven motion sets work out to 44 poses per character, or 132 animated pose files (.pz2) in all with an equal number of Aniblocks.

We have also, courtesy of Porsimo, included a Viking-style Sword and Shield set with three different MAT poses for the shield. With Posermocap’s Swordplay, you have everything you need to get started.

Draw your sword, and fight!

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Posermocap Swordplay Demo – Rearranging the Swordplay Motion Captures

We’re happy to show off the latest video of our upcoming Swordplay Construction Kit motion-capture pack in action. We have been very busy making sure that each animation will seamlessly blend to animations before and after it, and we thought you might like to see an example.

Each pose can be applied, arranged, and re-arranged as you wish to create a swordfight that suits your purposes. If you’re using the Aniblocks we will be including in Swordplay for Daz3d’s Studio, then it becomes a matter of dragging and dropping the aniblocks you want into GoFigure’s Animate timeline. You can create entire custom swordfights in minutes.

Currently, we have M4 and V4 complete and interacting well with each other — you can see an example in the video above. We are working on Genesis and getting it to play nicely with M4 and V4–this way, you can mix and match the fight between all three of the main characters offered by Daz3d.com.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments below.


New Posermocap Swordplay Construction Kit Demo Video

We’re pleased to show off a new video of the  Posermocap Swordplay Construction Kit Volume 1 that we are developing. This shows the potential of the kit when combined with Daz|Studio or Poser to blend together multiple motion-captured animations into a single seamless swordfight right within those applications.

And we are creating it so that you can pair up M4, V4, or Genesis in any combination of duelists you would like.

We decided it would be fun to have M4 facing off against a skeleton warrior – that’s the Daz3d M4 Skeleton in the video and he uses the base M4 motions.

We will keep you posted on future updates of the kit as we get closer to release.

Update for the Posermocap Swordplay Construction Kit Volume 1

Here is a look at one of the animations that will be featured in the upcoming Posermocap Swordplay Construction Kit Volume 1.

The Swordplay Construction Kit will allow you to take your M4, V4, and even Genesis characters and create your own motion-captured swordfight with sword and shield. The pack has been a long time in development, but we want to make sure that it’s as close to perfect before we release it. As you can see from the above video, we have managed to get M4 and V4 working together in the swordfight, but we do want to do a bit of tweaking.

We will also be converting the poses to Aniblocks, which will allow you the ultimate functionality inside Daz|Studio for making your own action movies. We will be posting more videos on this and other packs as we get closer to the ultimate release dates.

Keep checking back to see updates on the status of this and other packs from Posermocap.